RPMG celebrate 2nd Anniversary

1 March 2024

In February 2022, Repair, Protect, Maintain Group (RPMG) was born in Manchester.

Formed in the aftermath of the post-pandemic trading conditions, RPMG faced tough battles from the beginning. Supported by the strength, determination, and experience of our Managing Director. Chris Cummins with some help from supply chain partners, consultants, and clients. RPMG fought valiantly, gaining their first job repairing and revamping the cladding at Bowood Court in Warrington with Giromax.

Following the first job complete, we never broke our stride. Within year 1, we focused on demonstrating our reliability, building trust with our partners and clients to create a strong, reputable brand with the foundations of a strong and ethical ethos.

RPMG hard hat on roof

By year 2, it was clear that the hard work was beginning to pay off. Finishing the second year of operations, RPMG has seen a dramatic 218% growth, a statistic that we are truly proud of. We’re so humbled to have received such immense support and we couldn’t be more grateful for the support we have received. From those who follow and support our LinkedIn, all the way through to the individuals who have trusted us and seen the remarkable results we can produce on a consistent basis.

Upon seeing our high levels of success, RPMG saw more opportunities to expand and grow with partnerships and faculty. Initially, we partnered with Michelle from Hola HR to support our business with high-quality HR and expert advice. This was closely followed by recruitment within the Operations Team.

Our high levels of success and reputation has now allowed us to operate on a nationwide scale, completing many jobs with high levels of precision and a focus on sustainability. Along the way, we have completed many jobs, but as we are approaching our anniversary, we wanted to share some of our Managing Director’s highlights from the past 2 years.

Our MD’s Highlights from the last 2 Years.


The North Face Manchester: Chris has always been a massive fan of Manchester, and to be given the opportunity to complete work on the brand new, North Face store was a personal highlight as he got to give back to the people of Manchester who have supported him on this journey.

Unit 1 Eagle Park Warrington: Although this project may not be as public as The North Face Store; the work completed was just as crucial. Chris found this large project to be an amazing example of the large array of services RPMG offers. Delivering exceptional value under one roof.

Toolstation Slough: Our work on Toolstation, Slough, demonstrated our commitment to a safety-first culture as we installed a replacement lifeline on a Kalzip Roof. Furthermore, the store location demonstrated to Chris just how he has come with RPMG as evidenced by the store’s location in the South, highlighting our national operational scale.

The North Face store in manchester
The North Face store in Manchester

Edwards Court Altrincham: Born and Bred in Altrincham, Chris enjoyed working in his local area. Furthermore, he was particularly proud of restoring the Kingspan panels to their former glory rather than replacing them. RPMG’s willingness to contribute to the circular economy and champion sustainability.

Century House Hazel Grove: To quote Chris, “The site looked like a million dollars following the specialist cleaning and waterproofing works”. As he saw the property go live on the property market for 1 million plus made this job extremely rewarding, and a testament to our hard-working people.

Century House, Hazel Grove
Century House, Hazel Grove

We want to shout out two individuals who helped build the foundations of our business. Rob Cartwright (SDE & Toolstation) and Richard Coulson (JCBL). Chris was once told, “If you have the support of two clients from the get-go, you have a business!” Their support for RPMG has been absolutely immense and truly humbling. Alongside these two, we want to give a huge thanks to our supply chain partners and consultants, although we would love to thank you all individuals, there are too many to mention!

You know who you are, and we’re truly grateful, we look forward to working with you all for many years to come!

Finally, we offer a special thanks to Georgina Barker, an extremely bright and talented young lady who works as a business administrator. She has been with us since the very beginning and we know she will go on to achieve many great things in this world with her can-do attitude, endless enthusiasm, and most importantly, her amazing personality! 

Once again, we cannot thank each and every person mentioned within this article enough, your support means the world to us, and as always, we will continue to offer our high-quality services up and down the country for many years to come.


Thank you for finishing our article detailing RPMG’s journey so far. To learn more about building fabric maintenance, see examples of our tendered works, or find out more information about our brand, please connect with us on LinkedIn

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