Safety Systems

Your experts for working at height

As a building stakeholder, it’s crucial to have the right systems in place to maintain a high level of safety and meet the rigorous compliance and working at height standards that go along with the role. 

Without these systems, building maintenance workers and visitors are at risk, your asset will depreciate in value and you’ll lose money on costly repairs. 

A specialist in safety systems, RPMG can provide you with the right solution to ensure you adhere to working at height guidelines and have a safe environment at all times.

Solar Rooftop Walkway

A range of services

Permanent and temporary EdgeGuard

For all projects that involve great heights, we can provide permanent and temporary EdgeGuard systems to improve safety, roof access and adapt to different requirements.

horizontal lifeline systems

Sturdy horizontal lifeline systems

Ideal for gutter maintenance, we’ll put a horizontal lifeline system in place to make it easy to move between gutters safely and unblock debris.

Rootop Safety Systems

Durable walkway systems

Our walkway systems are designed to make moving across roofs and other high points effortless. Maintenance workers will be able to do their jobs safely and securely.

roof top air conditioning

Versatile roof access products

Whether an air conditioner or solar panels need fixing, we’ll use our roof access products to get the job done without any hassle.