Working at height is our speciality

High-rise buildings and skyscrapers are among the most lucrative buildings to have in a portfolio. It’s crucial to carry out the right maintenance work to see a return on investment and this often requires work that needs to be done at great heights.

As part of this work, there needs to be a balance between a strong access system and a team who has the skills to use this system safely. That’s where RPMG comes in. 

We’re your experts for working at height safely, using equipment like mobile elevated working platforms (MEWPs) spider platforms and cranes to access a building at all levels. This is coupled with our extensive knowledge of building fabric maintenance to complete jobs effectively. 


Our solutions


Experts in using MEWPs

MEWPs and trunk-mounted platforms are integral for any job where height is required and we can use them to their full potential.

A provider of reliable rope access systems

Whether it’s fixing glazing or cleaning a roof, our team has the experience to scale buildings via sturdy rope access systems.

Specialists in spider platforms and cranes

Best used for accessing tight spaces, spider platforms are sturdy and reliable. They can be used in rough terrain, for cleaning crevices and more. 

Glass Vacuum Lifters

Making the most of glass vacuum lifters

Using a glass vacuum lifter means we can manoeuvre heavy objects safely, speed up processes and provide you with the highest quality of service.