Offering customised cleaning solutions

Whether you own a building or have a business in a certain space, it’s a major investment. It’s your money, time and effort on the line and if you aren’t maintaining a property in the right way, you aren’t going to see the return on investment. 

Good maintenance is about having strong cleaning protocols in place across all areas of the building. It’s keeping the roof clear of atmospheric build up and debris. It’s having spotless walls and cladding to prevent a space from becoming degraded. It’s making sure you have a pristine floor so your customers want to walk around.

RPMG offer customised cleaning solutions that range from rapid facade cleaning to powerful pressure washing. No matter the project, we’ll take care of everything and do the heavy lifting.

solar pv cleaning

Versatile cleaning services

Kingspan composite panel cleaning

Specialist cleaning

Whether it’s a Kingspan composite panel or complex rainwater system, we have the expertise to clean and maintain all kinds of systems.

Thorough DOFF cleaning

Thorough DOFF cleaning

Perfect for stone walls, heritage buildings and concrete structures, DOFF cleaning uses steam and high pressure to take away imperfections.

Facade Cleaning

Experts in facade cleaning

We’ll go the extra mile to remove dirt, grime and stains from the exterior of a building. This means the property will retain high-quality aesthetics for years to come.

Internal high level support​

Internal high level support

Over time, dust and detritus build up on steel beams, pillars and other support structures inside a building. We’ll clean them quickly and ensure you have access to the right teams and equipment.

Graffiti removal

Graffiti removal

Using the right chemicals and safety processes, we’ll remove graffiti from your property and return it to its original condition.

potent pressure washing

Potent pressure washing

To maintain the appearance and integrity of a building, we’ll pressure wash floors, clear away atmospheric debris from gutters and keep it all spotless.

PV solar panel cleaning

PV solar panel cleaning

Ideal for companies with a sustainable mission, our solar panel cleaning service is swift and efficient.