About us

Your experts for working at height and providing specialist building fabric services.

Northern soul, global ambitions

Buildings aren’t just buildings. They are thriving hubs for people, business owners and communities where stories are shared and partnerships are made. Maintenance is key to ensuring a building stands the test of time and RPMG is here to make it happen. 

Based in Manchester, we’re leaders in the building fabrics maintenance sector, providing cladding repairs, facade fixes, glazing solutions and more across multiple industries. 

Whether you have a retail space that needs cleaning or an office roof that needs mending, we’ve got the expertise to handle various projects and provide peace of mind from start to finish. 

With a proud Northern heritage and global reach, we’re your go-to experts for working at height safely.

Our values


Safety first

All staff are trained in the latest industry safety standards, can quickly identify new solutions and are always honing their craft to pass knowledge on to our customers and partners.

Customer Facing

Personalised service

Our customer service is built on face to face communication. This means we’ll always be on hand to address your needs, keep you in the loop and go the extra mile to finish a project ahead of schedule.

Sustainability matters

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We work with supply chain partners, operate with HVO-powered equipment, recover on-site applications and adapt to ethical trends as they arise.


Collaboration is key

Values matter to us and we build long term partnerships with like-minded businesses to provide added value to our customers.