Discover how Spider Platforms can help you create a secure working environment.

Spider Platforms can enhance safety and efficiency

When it comes to accessing elevated or hard-to-reach areas with precision and stability, Spider Platforms are the ideal solution. These specialised platforms, also known as Suspended Access Equipment, offer a versatile and safe way to perform various tasks at height. Discover how our Spider Platforms can enhance your access capabilities.

Spider Platform

Product Range

spider crane

Spider Cranes

Spider cranes are compact, versatile lifting machines that can access confined or tight spaces. They are designed for heavy lifting and are ideal for construction and maintenance tasks.

Spider Lifts

Spider lifts, also known as aerial work platforms, offer precise and flexible access to elevated areas. They are perfect for tasks that require reaching specific heights with precision.

Compact Spider Platforms

Compact spider platforms provide a stable and secure working surface for personnel, tools, and equipment. They are designed for efficiency and versatility in various applications.

Crawler-Mounted Spider Platforms

These platforms are equipped with crawler tracks, allowing them to move on uneven surfaces, making them suitable for outdoor and construction sites.

Key Benefits

Working Spider Platform


Spider platforms offer precise and controlled access to elevated areas, making them ideal for tasks that demand accuracy.


They provide a stable working platform, reducing the risk of accidents and ensuring the safety of personnel.

small area


Our range of spider platforms is adaptable to various applications, from construction to maintenance.


Spider platforms are suitable for a wide range of tasks, including…

Roped Access Solutions

Maintenance and Repairs

Glazing Repair


Kingspan composite panel cleaning







We offer customisation options for our spider platforms to ensure they meet your specific requirements, whether it’s adjusting reach, load capacity, or other features.

With our Spider Platforms, you can enhance safety and efficiency when working at heights, ensuring a secure and precise solution for your operations.

Spider Lorry

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