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Building maintenance across multiple sectors

If left to dilapidate, buildings are extremely costly to repair for investors, landlords, property developers, retailers and anyone else who has a physical space they rely on for business. From facades to glazing, maintenance is crucial across all aspects of a structure and ensures your asset remains in top condition. 

RPMG offers bespoke maintenance solutions that cover all parts of a building from top to bottom. Whether you need a roof repaired or window glazing maintained, we’re here to lend a hand.

By partnering with us, we’ll ensure you save money on property upkeep, are working and living in a safe environment and maintain immaculate building aesthetics.

Maintenance Cladding

Bespoke Services

Roped Access Solutions

High-quality building facade maintenance

This covers cladding, stonework, windows and ceiling projects and we’ll ensure that everything stands the test of time.

Rootop Safety Systems

Reliable roof maintenance

From in-depth roof inspections to quick refurbishments, our team will go the extra mile for you.

Dependable gutter maintenance

Dependable gutter maintenance

Say goodbye to backed-up gutters. We’ll unblock rainwater systems, repair damage and maintain a steady flow throughout a building.

Coating preservation

We’ll help you maintain different types of specialist coatings so a venue never loses its lustre and detail.

Glazing Repair

Glazing protection and repair

Our glazing services are designed to stop heat from escaping, fix cracks and adhere to rigorous industry safety standards.