Roof Works for a CAT A Refurbishment - April 2023

TMT Group is an award-winning business that offers a variety of services spanning multiple sectors such as industrial, office, retail, and leisure, all the way through to rail and education.

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Background of the Case Study

Formed In 2012, TMT Group is an award-winning business that offers a variety of services spanning multiple sectors such as industrial, office, retail, and leisure, all the way through to rail and education. TMT has built a reputable name by delivering outstanding commercial projects on a national scale, leading to the development of strong relationships with reputable individuals, investors and private companies.

TMT, known for its innovative solutions, enlisted RPMG Global to complete roof works for a comprehensive CAT A industrial refurbishment at Eagle Park. With a focus on excellence, TMT Group engaged RPMG for a multitude of works, ranging from roof refurbishments to building fabric repairs and specialist cleaning.

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Roof Works: RPMG Global executed extensive roof works, including the replacement of double-skin site-assembled Zenon roof lights. Zenon Rooflights is a market leader in producing environmentally conscious roof lights, allowing our client to improve their building’s energy performance whilst applying sustainable business practices. We also applied cut-edge corrosion treatment, and the full roof coating system, ReCote a product with a 20-year performance warranty, developed by our supply chain partners DriSilane, for enhanced durability.

New HD Sharman Plygene Weir Chutes: The installation of new Plygene Weir Chutes, a product developed by our supply-chain partners HD Sharman that guarantees leak prevention, contributing to the comprehensive industrial refurbishment of Eagle Park.

Building Fabric Works: Repair and restoration, applying a specialist coating, provided by Tor, allowing for long-term protection as well as colour matching to achieve an aesthetically pleasing finish to the Kingspan composite panels, wall cladding, and bullnose.

Decoration of Roller Shutter Doors, Fire Doors, and Dock Levellers: Aesthetic enhancement through the decoration of key elements, including roller shutter doors, fire doors, and dock levellers.

Various Sheeting and Cladding Works: Diverse sheeting and cladding works were undertaken to ensure the structural integrity and visual appeal of the industrial site.

Specialist Cleaning of Building Fabric and Hard Standings: Specialist cleaning of the building fabric and meticulous cleaning of hard standings and block paving for an overall rejuvenation.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Interior perspective of CAT A Refurbishment
Short Lead Time and Programme

A limited timeframe necessitated efficient planning and execution of a multitude of refurbishment tasks.

Material Lead Times

Managing lead times on materials posed a challenge, requiring strategic planning to meet the project's tight schedule.

Live Construction Environment

Working in a live construction environment required coordination with numerous other trades and effective management of potential disruptions.

Large Roof Works in Winter Months

The challenge of conducting extensive roof works during the winter months into early spring required careful planning and execution.

Pre-start Survey with Truck Mount Access

A prestart survey with Truck Mount Access was crucial to accelerating the ordering of roof lights, ensuring they were on site from day one of the contract.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Comprehensive Cat A Refurbishment

The refurbishment was essential for achieving a comprehensive Category A industrial standard at Eagle Park.

Structural Preservation

Roof works and building fabric repairs aimed at preserving the structural integrity of the industrial site.

Aesthetic Enhancement

The decoration of key elements and specialist cleaning contributed to the overall aesthetic enhancement of Eagle Park.

CAT A Refurbishment - TMT

What were the outcomes for the TMT Group?

Timely and Budgeted Delivery

RPMG's multi-disciplined team delivered the project on time and within the budget, ensuring client satisfaction.

Co-Ordination with TNT Project Management Team

Works were seamlessly coordinated with the TMT Project Management team, ensuring a collaborative and efficient project execution.

Comprehensive O&M File

A large Operations and Maintenance (O&M) file was handed over on completion of works, providing a comprehensive record for ongoing facility management.

Contribution to the circular economy

By allowing RPMG to repair and restore the building fabrics, TMT demonstrated their commitment to saving the planet by re-using older materials wherever possible; Reducing the waste produced from the completed works and contributing to the reduction of greenhouse emissions produced within industrial manufacturing processes.

This collaboration between TMT Group and RPMG Global met challenges with meticulous planning and execution, resulting in a successful CAT A industrial refurbishment at Eagle Park.
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