Dilapidation works - September 2023

Established over 50 years ago, John Coulson Builders LTD has transformed numerous offices and retail spaces; ensuring high-quality results in refurbishment, construction, decoration and all things in between.

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Background of the Case Study

Established in 1968, John Coulson Builders LTD (JCBL), is a SafeContractor accredited, North-West based refurb, construction, and maintenance company. JCBL pride themselves on offering amazing results to a variety of spaces such as offices and retail environments. Providing several amazing services such as refurbishment, construction, decoration, and all things in between.

JCBL tasked us with a variety of responsibilities we were up to the challenge of delivering. To provide amazing results on-site, including providing equipment to access hard-to-reach areas, specialist cleaning services and extending the lifecycle of the building fabrics.

The building in question, Century House, is a prominent commercial property based in Hazel Grove, that faced end-of-lease maintenance challenges. RPMG Global delivered a comprehensive solution that not only met the immediate cleaning requirements, ensuring the building materials sparkled and back to looking their best, but also extended the life-cycle of the building fabric.

Fully completed building maintenance works at Century House

Completed Works:

RPMG were tasked with multiple responsibilities by JCBL, including:

  • MEWP Access and Specialist Cleaning Team:

    RPMG provided the expertise and equipment required to clean the building fabric, which involved intricate architecture and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Seamless Waterproofing:

    It was essential we applied seamless waterproofing on two flat roofs, applying the trusted, Triflex ProDetail product to extend the life cycle of the roofs.


What challenges did we face and overcome?

Building Refurbishment Process, Applying Triflex ProDetail
Equipment Selection

A variety of machines and equipment to ensure this job was done correctly; and to the highest standards possible. Selecting the right equipment was essential to reach high-up and delicate areas. RPMG collaborated with supply chain partners, GTM Heavy Rentals, to ensure access equipment was appropriate for the task.

Safety Hazards

Given the need to work at heights, safety was paramount. RPMG required appropriate safety measures including, the use of an edge guard system, along with ensuring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary.

Environmental Considerations

As we always promote recovering previous materials rather than providing new ones, in order to contribute to the circular economy and provide sustainable solutions to our valued clients. We challenged ourselves to recover the single-ply materials and apply the previously mentioned Triflex ProDetail, to ensure the materials will be restored to their former glory.

Why were RPMG's services essential?


Strucutral Integrity

By addressing the immediate cleaning and maintenance requirements, RPMG helped ensure the structural integrity of Century House.

Sustainability Focus

RPMG's commitment to the circular economy and the use of Triflex ProDetail, extended the life cycle of the building fabric, reducing waste and environmental impact.

Efficiency and Compliance

The project ensured that Century House adhered to compliance and safety standards. It also prevented potentially costly structural damage before our valued client’s lease ended to ensure they fulfilled the contractual obligations of their lease.

Century House completed building maintenance and refurbishment

What were the outcomes for JCBL?

Lease & Safety Compliance

The comprehensive maintenance work conducted by RPMG preserved the building fabrics of Century House, safeguarding against potential structural damage and other issues to ensure the lease provider’s assets have been preserved and well protected. Additionally, by hiring RPMG, JCBL ensured Century House remained compliant with up-to-date safety and regulatory standards.

Complied with industry best practices and standards.

By utilising RPMG's team of experts, we guaranteed that a modern, forward-thinking approach has been applied within our practices to ensure JCBL are fully compliant with the UK government, or any regulatory body's building standards. Underpinned by our commitment to QHSE, (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment), we left no stone unturned within our work.

Sustainable Solutions

RPMG's approach not only ensured the building's integrity remained intact but also ensured a sustainable approach that aligned with modern-day green building practices.

RPMG Global’s commitment to excellence, sustainability, and expertise played a vital role in enhancing Century House’s building fabric, leaving a lasting impact on its maintenance and value. This case study demonstrates how RPMG Global’s multifaceted approach to building fabric maintenance can deliver exceptional results.
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