Specialist Cleaning Works - August 2022

The SDE Group is a multi-disciplined company with a variety of specialisms such as bespoke interiors, expert storage solutions, advanced 3D visualisation, and much more.

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Background of the Case Study

Working on a national scale, the SDE Group believes in offering solutions to their clients that not only meet their immediate needs but also allow their clients to ensure their business remains future-proof for the foreseeable future. SDE entrusted RPMG with various responsibilities within a live building site, meaning the work needed a quick turn-around, whilst upholding RPMG’s well-known standards of high quality and precision.

SDE Group faced the challenge of preparing a former Toolstation site for the end of a lease agreement. RPMG Global, an expert in building maintenance, was entrusted with the task of addressing the end-of-lease challenges which included a multitude of tasks and responsibilities.

Specialist Cleaning Works

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Supplying and Installing Safe Roof Access: RPMG Global successfully supplied and installed safe roof access, ensuring that the property met essential safety standards. This work provided a secure environment for maintenance activities while adhering to regulations, allowing for the safe execution of the necessary maintenance tasks on the property.

Restoration Where Previous Tenants’ Signage Location: The process involved the meticulous restoration of areas where previous tenants’ signage was located. RPMG’s team ensured that the property’s appearance was restored to a condition that met the lease agreement’s requirements. This meticulous attention to detail contributed to the overall readiness of the property for the lease’s conclusion. 

Conducting Specialist Roof Cleaning of the Kalzip Roof, Flashings, Bullnose, and Façades: RPMG’s expert team executed specialist roof cleaning on the Kalzip roof, flashings, bullnose, and façade. This process involved the removal of accumulated debris, dirt, and pollutants that had the potential to degrade the property’s appearance and integrity. The specialist cleaning enhanced both the aesthetics and the long-term functionality of the property, contributing to its overall maintenance.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Specialist Cleaning Works
Short Timeline

The project had a tight schedule, as it was pending the end of a lease agreement. This meant that the works needed to be delivered promptly.

Live Construction Environment

The site was part of a live construction environment, which required careful coordination of works around other trades, staff, and patrons of Costa Coffee.

Swift Erection of Scaffolding

Given the urgency of the project, scaffolding needed to be swiftly erected to facilitate the necessary maintenance works.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

End-of-Lease Agreement

The end-of-lease maintenance was vital to ensure that the property met the necessary conditions for the lease agreement's conclusion.

Safety & Compliance

Compliance with safety regulations and standards was paramount to prevent accidents and incidents during the works.

Minimising Disruptions

The project had to be carried out with minimal disruption to the live construction environment and the patrons of Costa Coffee.

Specialist Cleaning Works

What were the outcomes for the SDE Group?

End-of- Lease Compliance

The maintenance works ensured that the property met the conditions required for the end of the lease agreement, allowing for a smooth transition.

Safety and Compliance

The project was completed without safety incidents, ensuring the well-being of all involved in the live construction environment.

Timely Delivery

The project was executed on time, allowing for the decanting of the site, including the removal of scaffolding, within just one week.

In this collaboration between SDE Group and RPMG Global, the project’s challenges, including the short timeline and the need to work within a live construction environment, were met with professionalism and efficiency, ultimately facilitating the end of the lease agreement.
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