Scaffolding and Gutter Works - November 2022

John Coulson’s Building Limited is  a second-generation family business that can deliver construction, maintenance and refurbishments projects, developing a strong reputation by consistently delivering high-standard work.

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Background of the Case Study

Established in 1968, John Coulson Builders LTD (JCBL), is a SafeContractor, accredited, North-West based refurb, construction, and maintenance company. JCBL pride themselves on offering amazing results to a variety of spaces such as offices and retail environments, providing a variety of amazing services such as refurbishment, construction, decoration, and all things in between.


Richmond House, located in the heart of Manchester’s vibrant Gay Village, required essential building maintenance. RPMG Global was entrusted with the responsibility of providing safe access and executing the replacement of rainwater pipes, including extending the overflow into a new hopper.

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Providing Safe Access on Site: RPMG Global took the utmost care in ensuring safe access to the site, given its city centre location and the complex night-time economy of Manchester’s Gay Village. This involved the prompt and secure erection of scaffolding, in compliance with all necessary permits and regulations. The team’s diligent approach to safety and security guaranteed that the site was safe for the public, surrounding businesses, and the project itself.

Replacement of Rainwater Pipes: RPMG Global successfully carried out the replacement of rainwater pipes at Richmond House. This crucial aspect of the project was essential to maintain the structural integrity of the building. The new rainwater pipes not only ensured efficient drainage but also contributed to the longevity of the property, safeguarding it from potential water damage.

Extension of Water Overflow into a New Hopper: Another significant completed work was the extension of the water overflow system into a new hopper. This enhancement improved the overall water management system of Richmond House, preventing water-related issues and providing a more effective solution for managing overflow during heavy rainfall. The installation of the new hopper added a layer of resilience to the building’s drainage capabilities.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Scaffolding Permits

The erection of scaffolding in a city centre location required permits and compliance with local regulations. Adhering to these regulations was paramount to ensure safety and avoid potential disruptions.

NIght-time Economy

The works took place in the nighttime economy of Manchester's Gay Village, with numerous businesses and visitors. Managing this complex environment required careful planning to minimise disruptions..

Safety & Security

Safety and security were top priorities, given the city centre location and the need to ensure public safety and protect the site.

Prompt Scaffolding Erection & Removal

The scaffolding had to be erected promptly each evening and removed swiftly post-completion to minimise disruption and ensure the safety of the site and surrounding area.

Consideration of Surroundings

The team had to be mindful of the city centre surroundings, and the needs of visitors, staff, and the general public. Maintaining a considerate approach was essential.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Structural Integrity

The replacement of rainwater pipes and extension of the overflow into a new hopper were crucial to maintain the structural integrity of Richmond House.

Safety and Compliance

Adhering to safety regulations and securing permits ensured compliance with local authorities and safeguarding public safety.

Minimal Disruptions

By working out of hours as required, and promptly erecting and removing scaffolding, RPMG Global aimed to minimise disruptions to the area's night-time economy.

What were the outcomes for JCBL and Richmond House?

Structural Integrity

The replacement of rainwater pipes and the extension of the overflow into a new hopper ensured the ongoing structural integrity of Richmond House.

Safety and Security

Safety and security were maintained throughout the project, mitigating potential risks to the public and surrounding businesses.

Minimal Disruptions to the community

The project was executed with minimal disruption to the vibrant night-time economy of Manchester's Gay Village. RPMG’s expert team demonstrated a mindful and considerate approach to visitors, staff, and the public, maintaining harmony with the city centre surroundings.

Alignment with Building Aesthetics and Historical Significance

The project was completed exceptionally, in keeping with the period property's aesthetics and historical significance.

In this collaboration between JCBL and RPMG Global, the challenges posed by the city centre location and the need for safety, compliance, and consideration for the surroundings were met with expertise and professionalism, resulting in a successful building maintenance project at Richmond House.
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