Roof Refurbishment June 2022

Formed in 1992, SDE Group specialises in delivering tailored design services.

Formed in 1992, SDE Group specialises in delivering tailored design services across a range of sectors, including industrial, commercial and retail.

These multidiscipline services cover storage solutions, SEMA-approved racking inspections, interior design and fit-out, 3D modelling and visualisation, 360 virtual tours, mezzanine floors and more.

SDE’s values are built on the strength of client relationships, innovative design technology, ensuring future success for partners and working with diverse people.

Toolstation Edgerail

What challenges needed to be solved?

SDE Group was the main contractor on this project and was working in partnership with Toolstation.’ one of the UK’s largest tools and building materials suppliers.



The roofing system needed to be improved, the building had previous work done on it and the roof hadn’t been completed


The rising cost of materials and supplies meant there was only a certain budget that could be worked with.


High footfall from customers and employees meant roof safety was a key issue and sticking to health and safety guidelines was a must.



A fast turnover was required for the project.

RPMG was chosen to solve these issues because of our wealth of experience in busy retail spaces, our dedication to roofing safety standards, strong relationships with industry supply chains and working within the budget of the project.

What solutions were provided?

A variety of solutions were provided and we split them across safety systems, access, cleaning and maintenance services.

For improving the integrity of the roof and protecting people inside the building, we provided scaffolding, roof-mounted edge protection, stair towers and 18mm structural boards for covering roof lights. We paired this with using mobile elevated working platforms to access the roof and adhere to working at height safety guidelines.

Our cleaning solution involved using a 4000psi power wash treatment to prepare the roof substrate for the intended specification of a 20-year lifecycle.

Our maintenance works involved replacing the existing lights with low carbon GRP daylight alternatives and carrying our DriSilane Repair Specification to the roofing sheets.

This was done to protect the roof, increase the lifespan of the sheets, cap joints and eliminate further deterioration.

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What were the results?

Increased Safety

By implementing all these safety solutions, the retail unit has a refurbished roof and customers and employees are protected against hazards such as falling debris.

Peace of Mind

We were able to complete the project two weeks ahead of schedule and offer high-quality warranties and O&M manuals to provide SDE Group with peace of mind.

Saving Money on Energy

The upgrade to the roof lights means more light is being emitted and more money is being saved on energy bills.