Maintenance Works - October 2022

Ashton Brookes Funeral Directors, a well-established funeral home based in Altrincham with almost 50 years of experience in funeral care, needed vital maintenance for their period property.

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Background of the Case Study

Established in 1968, John Coulson Builders LTD (JCBL), is a SafeContractor, accredited, North-West based refurb, construction, and maintenance company. JCBL pride themselves on offering amazing results to a variety of spaces such as offices and retail environments, providing a variety of amazing services such as refurbishment, construction, decoration, and everything in between.

Ashton Brookes Funeral Directors, a well-established funeral home based in Altrincham with almost 50 years of experience in funeral care, needed vital maintenance for their period property. 

RPMG Global was entrusted to perform essential work to Ashton Brookes offices to ensure  their offices maintain the same high standards of their services.

Access Equipment Used for Maintenance Works

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Gutter Cleaning: The gutters of the property required thorough cleaning to prevent blockages, water overflow, and potential structural damage.

Patch Façade Cleaning: RPMG Global went above and beyond by offering value-added patch façade cleaning free of charge. This enhanced the property’s aesthetics and extended its visual appeal.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Close Up for Gutter Cleaning used in Maintenance Works
Access to different Areas

Given the architectural complexity of the period property, various specialised machines were required to access and navigate all areas of the building, adding a layer of difficulty to the project.

Co-ordinating with Funeral Directors Hours

The funeral director had strict working hours and sensitive responsibilities, making it necessary for the maintenance team to align with their schedule to minimise disruptions and ensure the utmost respect is given to the clients and staff of Ashton Brookes.

Visitor and Staff Considerations

Given the sensitive nature of the business, RPMG's team had to be exceptionally mindful of their surroundings, exhibiting empathy toward visitors and staff.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Preventative Maintenance

Gutter cleaning and patch façade cleaning were essential for preventing potential structural damage and maintaining the property's aesthetics.

Value Addition

Offering patch façade cleaning as a value-added service enhanced the visual appeal of the property, contributing to its long-term value and aesthetic.

Progress Picture of Façade Maintenance Maintenance Works

What were the outcomes for JCBL?

Preserved Property Integrity

The gutter cleaning prevented blockages and potential structural damage, preserving the integrity of the period property.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The value-added patch façade cleaning contributed to the property's improved aesthetics, enhancing its visual appeal and long-term value.

Minimal Disruptions

RPMG's coordination with the strict working hours of the funeral director minimised disruptions to their operations and exhibited respect for the nature of the business.

Customised Maintenance Approach

By showing empathy and consideration to visitors and staff during the maintenance process, Ashton Brookes Funeral Directors upheld their reputation for compassion and professionalism.

In this collaboration between Ashton Brookes Funeral Directors and RPMG Global, the challenges posed by the property’s complexity and the nature of the business were met with expertise and empathy, resulting in a successful building fabrics maintenance project that respected both the property and the services it provided.
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