Cladding Works - October 2023

Blueprint Interiors is an award-winning, people-centric office designers and fitters. Allowing office spaces, and the workers inside them, to flourish.

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Background of the Case Study

Blueprint Interiors, a well-known national fit-out contractor, offers a variety of services, tailored to each client. Blueprint creates working environments that are more than offices, but hubs of productivity that provide every resource necessary to help each employee thrive in their new home.

The full scope of Blueprint Interior’s offering includes:

  • Office Design
  • Workplace consultancy
  • Office furniture
  • Fit out and refurbishment.
  • Workplace technology

Blueprint required a crucial window opening modification for the Redevelopment Futures Housing project at Leabrooks Depot. RPMG Global was chosen to carry out this vital task, which demanded precision and collaboration within a fast-paced construction environment.


Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:
  • New Cladding Opening: RPMG was entrusted with creating a new window opening as part of the broader redevelopment project.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Window Fitting before completion
Short Lead Time

RPMG had to act swiftly, with a short lead time for the project's start date.

Safety Compliance

RPMG acquired appropriate safety measures, ensuring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) was used where necessary.


Working within a fast-paced construction environment alongside multiple contractors on a tight program required effective collaboration and coordination.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Precision and Quality

The window opening modification was a critical component of the broader project. Precision and quality were paramount to ensure it integrated seamlessly into the redevelopment.

Meeting Strict Project Deadlines

Working within the tight programme and collaborating effectively was essential to meet the project's strict timelines without causing delays.

Efficiency and Compliance

The project ensured that Blueprint Interiors adhered to compliance and safety standards.

Window Fitting post-completion

What were the outcomes for Blueprint Interiors?

Precise Modifcation

RPMG executed the new window opening with precision, seamlessly integrating it into the broader redevelopment project.

On-time Delivery

RPMG's ability to work within a short lead time and collaborate effectively with other contractors ensured the project stayed on schedule.

Satisfied Client

Blueprint Interiors expressed their satisfaction with RPMG's work, as confirmed by Paul Brown, Contracts Manager: "Thanks for your help with this Chris, work was spot on."

RPMG Global’s expertise and commitment to quality and collaboration played a pivotal role in the successful completion of this window-opening project for Blueprint Interiors, contributing to the overall success of the Redevelopment Futures Housing at Leabrooks Depot. This case study exemplifies RPMG Global’s ability to deliver results in challenging construction environments.
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