Building Refurbishment Works - September 2022

L2 Property, a well-known international property development and investment company, faced a daunting challenge with one of its properties, leading to the procurement of RPMG’s services

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Background of the Case Study

L2 Property, a well-known international property development and investment company, faced a daunting challenge with one of its properties, leading to the procurement of RPMG’s services as principal contractor, giving RPMG full control to plan, manage, and monitor all on-site tasks alongside monitoring health and safety throughout for all members of our expert team and the public.

RPMG completed a variety of works within different areas of building fabric maintenance. By choosing RPMG’s expert team, L2 safeguarded their assets’ building fabrics and simultaneously rejuvenated their property with high-quality products, quickly, efficiently, and most importantly, safely.

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Providing Access: RPMG ensured the roof of the property was safely accessible thanks to the help of Haki Stair Tower. Furthermore, we used edge protection when the parapet wall fitting didn’t suffice to remain in accordance with 2005 working at-height regulations. Ensuring all employees remained fully protected at all times when on-site.

Specialist Clean of the Roof: The roof required a meticulous cleaning to remove accumulated debris, dirt, and pollutants, improving its appearance and extending its lifespan.

Parapet Wall Cladding and Capping: The cladding and capping of the parapet walls needed refurbishment to enhance both the aesthetics and structural integrity of the property.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment: The treatment of cut edge corrosion on the roof sheets was necessary to prevent further degradation and extend the life of the roofing system. DriSilane’s product, RePair, was crucial in ensuring the roof sheets were properly protected from the elements for the future.

Roof Sheet Repair: Damaged roof sheets were repaired to ensure the integrity of the roof and protect against leaks and structural issues.

Flashings and Cappings: Flashings and cappings were inspected and refurbished where needed to prevent water infiltration and ensure the building remains watertight.

Gutter Cleaning and Refurbishment: The gutters were cleaned, and any necessary refurbishment work was conducted using DriSilane’s ReTrim, a product with double the thickness found in alternative applications, to prevent blockages and water overflow.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Busy Retail Park

The property was located in a bustling retail park with multiple businesses operating on-site. The maintenance contract had the potential to disrupt their daily operations, making coordination and sequencing of works paramount.

Live Operations

With various businesses operating on-site, many aspects of the property were live and operational, making it crucial to carry out maintenance with minimal disruption. The risk of inconvenience to tenants and businesses was a pressing concern.

Safety & Security

Safety and security were top priorities, given the busy location and the need to ensure public safety and protect the site.

Out-of-Hours Works

In order to minimize disruption and accommodate the previously mentioned live operations, certain works had to be conducted outside regular hours. This required a flexible and well-coordinated approach.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Structural Integrity

The works, including cut-edge corrosion treatment, repair of roof sheets, and parapet wall cladding, were vital to ensure the structural integrity of the property, safeguarding it against potential damage and preserving its value.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance with safety and maintenance standards was crucial, especially in a commercial property setting. Neglecting maintenance could lead to regulatory issues and safety concerns.

Operational Continuity

Minimising disruption to live operations was essential to maintain tenant satisfaction and prevent costly downtime.

What were the outcomes for L2 Property?

Structural Preservation

The comprehensive building fabrics maintenance ensured the property's structural preservation, protecting against potential damage and extending its lifespan.

Minimal Disruption

Thanks to careful coordination and out-of-hours works, the project was completed with minimal disruption to the businesses in the retail park. Tenant satisfaction remained high.

Safety and Compliance

The maintenance works ensured that the property met safety and regulatory compliance standards, mitigating potential legal and safety risks.

Enhanced Asset Value

The project not only secured the property but also added to its long-term value, making it a more attractive investment for L2 Property.

Contribution to the Circular Economy

By allowing RPMG to restore and refurbish materials such as the parapet wall cladding, roof sheets, gutters and the flashings and cappings. Together RPMG and L2 property reduced the waste produced from the completed works and contributed to the reduction of greenhouse emissions produced within industrial manufacturing processes.

In this collaboration between L2 Property and RPMG Global, the challenges of a busy retail park with live operations were met with a well-organized and collaborative approach, resulting in a successful building fabrics maintenance project that benefited all stakeholders involved.
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