Building Fabric Maintenance Works - August 2022

The SDE Group is a multi-disciplined company with a variety of specialisms such as bespoke interiors, expert storage solutions, advanced 3D visualisation, and much more.

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Background of the Case Study

SDE Group embarked on a significant project involving the transformation of a former Travis Perkins site.  The SDE Group is a multi-disciplined company with a variety of specialisms such as bespoke interiors, expert storage solutions, advanced 3D visualisation, and much more.

Working on a national scale, SDE believes in offering solutions to their clients that not only meet their immediate needs but also allow their clients to ensure their business remains future-proof for the foreseeable future. SDE entrusted RPMG with a variety of responsibilities within a live building site, meaning the work needed a quick turn-around, whilst upholding RPMG’s well-known standards of high quality and precision.

Completed Works

RPMG’s scope of work included:

Safe Roof Access and Safety Netting: RPMG Global ensured safe access to the roof and installed safety netting, providing a secure environment for workers while maintaining compliance with safety standards in a live construction site.

Specialist Cleaning of Roof and Façade: The expert cleaning of the roof and façade not only enhanced the aesthetics of the building but also extended its life by removing debris, dirt, and pollutants that could potentially lead to damage.

Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment: Addressing cut edge corrosion was crucial to prevent further deterioration of the building’s roofing system, ensuring its long-term integrity.

Gutter Cleaning: Gutter cleaning prevented blockages and water overflow, protecting the property from potential water damage, and contributing to its structural maintenance.

Sheeting and Cladding Works: The sheeting and cladding work not only met the specific requirements of the project but also showcased innovative solutions, like break pressing, to address challenges related to sheet profiles no longer being available.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Short Timeline

The project had a tight schedule, with a pending new store opening. There was limited time available for planning and execution.

Live Construction Environment

The construction site was operational, with various trades and activities taking place simultaneously. Coordinating works alongside other trades while ensuring the safety of all involved was essential.

Specialised Sheet Profiles

Sheet profiles required for the project were no longer available, necessitating a workaround through break pressing to meet the specific requirements.

Why were RPMG's services essential?

Preservation of Building Integrity

The safe roof access, cleaning, cut edge corrosion treatment, gutter cleaning, and cladding works were vital to preserve the structural integrity of the former Travis Perkins site.

Compliance & Safety

Adhering to safety regulations and standards was paramount in a live construction environment. Ensuring compliance mitigated risks and maintained safety for workers and other trades.

Store Opening

Meeting the project's tight timeline was essential to ensure the new Toolstation store could open as planned, contributing to business objectives.

What were the outcomes for the SDE Group?

Preserved Building Integrity

The extensive maintenance works ensured the former Travis Perkins site's structural integrity was maintained, prolonging its lifespan.

Safety and Compliance

RPMG's commitment to safety and compliance ensured that the project was carried out without incidents or accidents in the live construction environment.

Timely Delivery

The project was completed on time, enabling the new Toolstation store to open as planned. This contributed to the successful realisation of business objectives.

Innovative Solutions

The team's ability to adapt to the unavailability of sheet profiles by employing break pressing showcased their flexibility and problem-solving skills.

In this collaboration between SDE Group, Toolstation, and RPMG Global, the project’s challenges were met with professionalism and dedication, resulting in the successful transformation of the former Travis Perkins site and the opening of the new Toolstation store, all while maintaining the safety of workers and the project’s timeline.
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