Annual Roof Condition Report April 2023

With over 30 years of experience, Carbogen Amics have supported the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries with drug development and bringing new drugs to market to improve human health.

Table of Contents

Background of the case study

In the world of building fabric maintenance, proactive measures are often the difference between seamless operations and unexpected disruptions. Although taking a reactive approach is a viable option for your building fabric maintenance needs, why bother with the headache?

According to the Reliability Academy, reactive maintenance, also known as emergency maintenance, is typically 3-5x more expensive than proactive maintenance. With basic precautionary measures, RPMG Global can help you, and your business, avoid these problems.

For our valued client, Carbogen Amics, a leading pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical services provider, specialises in drug development and commercialisation services. With state-of-the-art containment technologies, they manage critical assets essential to their operations. Safeguarding their assets and ensuring uninterrupted operations is paramount.

RPMG successfully delivered a high-value service by conducting an annual roof condition report, a critical component of building fabric maintenance. The purpose of a roof condition report is to help a business understand its future maintenance needs and plan accordingly for any maintenance needs, on a short and long-term basis. 

Carbogen Amics Annual Roof Condition Report

The report includes:

  • The methodology used when conducting the site visit.
  • The condition of the roof and any weaknesses within the building fabric.
  • The recommendations of the surveyor, including what maintenance should be prioritised tailored to the needs of your business.
  • The expected costs of the maintenance are recommended.
Now we’ve covered what an annual roof condition report details, let’s get into the nitty-gritty details of how we approached completing our specialist service for a valued client.

What challenges did we face and overcome?

Equipment Accessibility

Accessing the roof proved challenging due to equipment limitations. RPMG resolved this issue, edge guard system was fitted before the works, ensuring safety and compliance.

Safety Hazards

Given the need to work at heights, safety was paramount. RPMG required appropriate safety measures, the use of an edge guard system, safety lines and anchor points, along with ensuring the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) where necessary.

Co-ordination with M&E Contractor

RPMG consulted and collaborated closely with the Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) contractor to provide the best advice and recommendations, mitigating potential conflicts, and ensuring a smooth process.

Why was the annual roof condition report essential?

To ensure the roof was clear of debris and blockages.

Identify weather-related damages.


Document findings for compliance and guarantee purposes.

Importance of Annual Roof Condition Reports:

Adhering to industry standards, RPMG’s work aligns with BS6229:2018, emphasizing the importance of annual roof inspections. Failing to conduct these inspections not only compromises the integrity of the building fabric but may also void waterproofing manufacturer guarantees. Carbogen Amics recognised the significance of these inspections in protecting their assets and ensuring regulatory compliance with UK building standards.

What were the outcomes for Carbogen Amics?

Potential damage and business disruptions mitigated.

By assessing the integrity of their building fabrics, a proactive approach to building maintenance was clearly demonstrated. Carbogen Amics are now fully aware of any weaknesses within the structural integrity of their building, preventing potential leaks or safety hazards that may lead to emergency maintenance, which in turn, may lead to significantly inflated costs of repair as well as facility downtime; two things no business ever wants to experience.

Complied with industry best practices and standards.

By utilising RPMG's team of experts, we can guarantee that a modern, forward-thinking approach has been applied within our practices to ensure Carbogen are fully compliant with the UK government, or any regulatory body's building standards. Underpinned by our commitment to QHSE, (Quality, Health & Safety and Environment), we leave no stone unturned within our reports.


High-level roof condition report with recommendations received.

Following the site visit, Carbogen received a detailed roof condition report, complete with full recommendations and pricing, to ensure they are one step ahead of any potential problems.

Are you certain that your building is fully compliant with government standards?
Are you aware of all of your potential maintenance needs, potentially impacting your business operations? 
Are you sure the dreaded inflated prices of emergency maintenance aren’t right around the corner?
If your answer to any of these questions is no, contact RPMG today about conducting an annual roof condition report, and sleep well knowing the experts are handling it for you.